Monday, June 3, 2013

Starting off with Idaho X Rocks

On Friday, my driver and I made the long journey from Spokane, WA down to Nampa, ID to see some friends compete in the Idaho X Rocks competition.

This was the caravan we took on the way down.  My driver has the turquoise one and that's what I rode in.  There's plenty of room since it's just the two of us.

Once we got there, we camped out for the night and woke up the next morning to a nice light breakfast and warm weather!

We got to the event, parked our campers and went to see all the big vehicles the competitors were racing today.

This is our friend Erik and his Jeep...built big and tough!

Some of these guys just don't know how to park, though.  Good thing they don't mind finding another vehicle on top of their tires!

One of the bonus obstacles you could do for extra points (if you had leftover time) was to go down the big wall.  The trick is to go down slow until the point where you can't stop from going over, then hit the gas!  I managed to get a good action shot of one of the buggies after her front tires hit but her rear tires were still in the air.

You can see those front tires spinning up dust as she accelerates!

Unfortunately, one of our friends laid his rigs over on his first race:

One of our other friends decided to put on a bit of a show for his first race:

Thank God for well built roll cages and good welds!

These were far from the only rollovers but everyone was able to walk or drive away from them with a little help getting the tires back under the vehicle.

After a full day of awesome vehicles doing awesome things, it was time to make the long trek back.

My driver thought it would be cool to grab a picture of me and the silhouette of our truck and camper as the sun was setting.

After many hours driving from Idaho and through northeastern Oregon, we were glad to be crossing the bridge back into Washington!

As the sun sets on this trip, so ends the first of (hopefully) many more blog posts featuring me, Waddle, and my adventures in travelling.


  1. Nice! I didn't realize Erik tipped his! Assuming him and the Jeep are fine?


    2. His Jeep is built tough! A little scratched paint and that's about it...ran great for the second run and had no problems. :)

  2. Waddle it looks like you're in for a ride!
    Have fun!!

    Cheers! ~M

    1. Thanks! It's been an adventure already and we are looking forward to many more soon!