Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recall on the old Ford

A couple days ago, my driver and I were looking at information on our truck and noticed it had a recall service that had not been done!  We went online to the website of the closest ford dealership and scheduled an appointment!

We pulled into the service bay and grabbed a quick shot before going in and getting the paperwork filled out.

It's minor work so we decided to wait around and perhaps scope out the new rigs while we waited.

First, I tried to convince him that this is the ride we needed...a Boss Mustang!

But sadly, he reminded me that we need something that can haul the jeep.  So we went and looked at the trucks.

I quickly pointed my driver at this truck.  We could take it offroad, it can haul some things, and matches my coat!

However, he seemed to want something that could haul a bit more than something based on the F150 platform.

We continued looking around and in the showroom, we spotted this truck.  Big and powerful and has all the gadgets!

It is a little out of our price range but perhaps one day I will convince him to update his rides.

By the time we got done wandering around, our truck was ready and it was time to head out so he could get back to work.

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